About Us

About Us

In 2018, after joining TCS as a software engineer, I found my creative and business skills stifled. I dreamed of a career that combined travel and a good income, initially considering becoming a yoga teacher. Feeling trapped, I decided to pursue an MBA and started preparing for the GMAT in 2019. I was accepted into EDHEC in France, but the pandemic led to my scholarship and loan being cancelled, causing my admission to be revoked.

Depressed and desperate for a change, a friend’s invitation to a book writing coaching session sparked a new direction. I wrote my first book, “Unleash Your Spark,” which led to the idea of starting a public speaking coaching business. After refining my skills with a mentor, I enrolled my first student in September 2020 and began running public speaking cohorts.

Seeing a gap in the market, I shifted focus to helping new and intermediate coaches and entrepreneurs build their brand authority online. In 2021, I partnered with a friend who taught me personal branding. Implementing these lessons, I achieved success and shared my knowledge with mentees, helping them achieve significant results.

Continuing to upgrade my skills through business coaching, I mastered the coaching business, from lead generation to high-ticket sales. By 2023, I sold my first high-ticket product for $600, and in 2024, closed a $1500 deal. Now, I help coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners build their brands and businesses, simplifying the process for various experience levels.

Success stories include a healing coach who transformed her online presence and visibility, a relationship coach who grew her LinkedIn following to over 10K, and a finance coach who closed a $1000 deal within 90 days. If you’re struggling to build your authority, we can help you transform your personal brand from invisible to irresistible and attract premium clients through social media branding. Type ‘Brand’ to get started on your journey to building an irresistible personal brand!


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